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Hi, I'm Aubrey Palmieri.

I can help personalize your travel plans.
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Love is the Destination


At Travel Leaders, we get you. We understand how busy you are planning for your special day. How you want everything to be just right . . . including your honeymoon. We get your love. We know that each honeymoon is as individual as you are, whether you are looking for an all-inclusive honeymoon in Mexico or the Caribbean, a more exotic honeymoon to Hawaii, Tahiti or Fiji, a European honeymoon exploring the culture and history of England, France or Italy, or a honeymoon adventure on safari in Africa or down under in Australia.

These are the types of honeymoon experiences that require professional planning, coordination and expert advice.


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Hi, I'm Aubrey Palmieri.

Being a newly certified Leisure and Business Travel Specialist, I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the travel industry. I fell in love with traveling at a young age, but truly learned to appreciate all that travel has to offer as an...
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